Swaade Swap and Trade Market Place

Swap stuff & Save Money

Free-Cycle with Swaade

Upload stuff you don't want and get stuff you do want! For no Cash!!!

Swaade converts stuff you no longer need into Store Credit or what we like to call $WA

You can then use your Store Credit to buy stuff you do need.

Buy second hand from other members.

Buy New products from our business stores.

Giving your Pre-loved products a second useful life.

Giving your wallet a holliday from painfull (have to buys.)

Giving your sole more cash for things you really want.

Swaade support Homeless people and Low income families.

We do this by providing $WA for free to them on a case by case basis.

Homeless Application Click hear Low Income Families Click hear

To apply for free $WA credit contact

Dominic See on 0410-511199

To find out more Click



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0401 511 199
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