Are you overstocked Swaade converts overstock into marketing your business

  • Upload your over stocked products  and get part Swa store credit in your account instantly and part cash payment in your store attracting new customer into your shop.
  • Use your Store Credit ( $wa ) to Pay members of Swaade say $wa5 to Like your business on facebook. 
  • Every time you do it on average 100 people see the like.
  • Helping to build your own facebook page.
  • And bringing New cash customer’s into your shop.

A Daily Deals company advertisers a restaurant Deal at $29 for a $60 value.

Brake down 
Customer saves $31
Daily Deals Charge $14 to the business
Restaurant makes $15
Over 1000 deals this would cost you $14,000

Swaade Has A Better Deal Than Daily Deals

  • Swaade Saving’s
  • Cost is $wa 40 and $20 cash
  • Customers saves $9 cash
  • Business gets $20 cash
  • Business gets $wa 40
  • Business spends $wa40 on getting facebook likes 
  • Business get 10 likes 
  • 400 people see the likes
  • Business get New cash customers
  • Swaade is unlimited for an annual fee starting from a dollar a day.

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