Our Stores


Business Pay you $wa for doing some thing

Eco-Friendly Stores

Business offers have Orange price tags and are part $wa part Cash.

Our Swaaade Store members are Eco-friendly and accept your $wa credit as payment and/or part payment for their goods and services. Any Cash payments are paid directly to the business. All deliveries are organised between the buyers and seller.So upload your old Stuff so you can buy New products and services with huge savings.

Community Stores

They are Private Community Groups

Start you own Private Swap and Trade Group. Perfect for the following.

1. Schools, Kids can swap and trade all their old toys in safty because its a closed Group. Schools can use swaade as a rewards program giving kids an introduction to ecconomics and how it all started. And parents can save cash.

2. Be an Eco-friendly Sporting Club. Boots cost an average of $40 Get your members to upload their old boots and get good 2nd hand boots using Swa Store Credit.

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